What is "Lean Delivery"?

"Lean Delivery" is a gourmet meal delivery service that provides only lean and healthy meal options! We offer a wide variety of balanced, dietary requirements.

We do all the work for you and deliver to your door step!

-No more confusing Nutritional Guess work

-No more timely prep work

-No more going to the grocery store

-All meals come complete with freshly prepared food

-Our menus are designed to ensure that customers recieve the ideal balance of lean protein, comlex carbs, and healthy fats (through fresh fruits and fresh vegetables).

-Customers can choose from 2, 3, or 5 meals / day; 5, 6 or 7 days / week.

-We make it extremely simple and convenient for our customers.

-The food is all nutritionally prepared for you and your dietary goals.

All meals are prepared fresh daily, using only the highest quality ingredients. Then the food is delivered straight to the customers homes. Deliveries are made every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Lean Delivery also offers convenient pick-up locations in Lexington, Winchester, and Mt Sterling, Ky.

Contact us for more information: contact@leandelivery.net

                                                  (859) 744-7050



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Lean Delivery

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